Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Look Back At 2010-2011 Homeschool Year

Wow It's finally here. We have made it through yet another school year.

Little Man finished up the 4Th grade, Little Mama Completed 3rd grade and Baby Girl successfully wrapped up a very easy year of kindergarten. I am one happy Mama right about now.
Well This is a summery of what we got accomplished this past school year.

As a family, we set out to study the book of Genesis and boy did we love doing that. We started of the school year learning more about the Bible itself ( who were the authors, how many books did it have, and other such facts).
Each child completed a Bible lapbook containing all the things they learned about the Bible.
The kids learned the names of all the books of the Bible (both old and new Testaments) using a rap we found on You Tube (I love You Tube)
They finished their Armor Of God lapbook that they started last summer.
We did an in depth study of the book of Genesis.
We took a closer look at the story of creation and really paid attention to God's example of resting on the seventh day.
We followed Adam and Eve's Family tree all the way through the book of Genesis.
We learned about the languages being split up and God's Promises to Abraham.
We followed Joseph's life and learned a lot about forgiveness.
We started an Old Testament timeline as well as a Bible notebook.
We enjoyed our study so much that we couldn't just stop at Genesis, we are now working our way through the book Exodus and beyond.

We learned so much about history and science from the Bible. Our Bible timeline helped us to keep track of the many events and people that we were reading about. So many questions were answered and we all learned a lot.
The older kids completed a study on the solar System along with a lapbook.
We learned about plant reproduction and Gods constant provision.
We did a mini study on grains and the important role they played in Bible Times.
We learned about keeping the Sabbath and have added a lot of new celebrations to our days and months. ( Biblical feast and celebrations)
We got a lot of insights on how people in the old testament lived their everyday lives.
We learned about what roles science and engineering ( simple machines) played in the Old Testament.

We have grown so much this year. The best part is that we did it together as a Family. We used our family Bible, the Answers in Genesis Website, and The Answers Book for Kids volume 1-4. The kids had a blast and we can't wait to see what the next school year will bring.

I'll be back later to share more about what we did all year.

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