Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Look Back At 2010-2011 (Part 2)

This is a summary of what we accomplished this past year for Math.

Little Man (4th grade)
Time Tales Multiplication and Division
Math U See Gamma lessons 21 - 30
Math U See Delta lessons 1 - 18
Division Lapbook

Little Mama (3rd grade)
Time Tales Multiplication
Math U See Beta lessons 11 - 30
Math U See Gamma lessons 1 - 23
Multiplication Lapbook

Baby Girl (kindergarten)
Math U See Alpha lessons 1 - 13
Addition Lapbook
School Zone K-1 Transition Math (from Walmart)

Math U See is still our math curriculum of choice. This year was a real challenging year for math. I've always supplemented the kids math work with real life math, games and lapbooks but this year we had to go even further than that. When it came down to multiplication and division facts my 2 older ones were having a real tough time committing them to memory. We tried all the tricks I could think of, but nothing was working. Little Man was starting to say things like "I don't like math". I was at my wits end when I found what looked like the perfect thing while on You Tube one night. (again I love you tube) It was a program called "Times Tales" I went to their website and ordered it that same night. I was so excited to see what the kids thought about it. Well guess what, It worked. Little Man was able to memorize his multiplication and division facts in just under a week. He only worked on it for about 30 minutes a day. That was all it took. I am so grateful for Times Tales and I highly recommend it to any one whose child needs extra help learning their multiplication and division facts.
Once the kids were able to recall their facts the rest of the math went very smoothly. Math U See is great for explaining math concepts and teaching the kids how to do math and giving a strong math base. However Math U See really sucked for us when it came to fact memorization.
We will continue with Math U See for now, but we are already searching for another Math program for the upper years. ( I'm looking into Teaching Textbooks)

I'll be back later to share about reading, spelling and handwriting.


Home Instead said...

I just found your blog. You have a beautiful family. I will look into Times Tales. We too have used MUS exclusively, but this year swtiched we stopped. I agree with you, that I like MUS for teaching concepts, but I found that it is lacking so many other things I think they need to learn. We've been using IXL online and Scott Foresman Math, and it is the perfect combination for us. We're switching to Saxon next year and will continue using IXL. Anyway it was very nice to meet you.


mama said...

Thank you so much for stopping by. I will goggle those 2 math curriculums later on tonight when I get a chance. I also spent a whole hour and a half reading your whole blog. I love it thank you so much for posting and putting your life and your family out there. I am learning so much.