Friday, April 24, 2009

Garden Update Part 2

Over in this corner is my beloved Mayer Lemon tree. My hubby got me this tree for valentine's Day. It already has lots of little lemons on it.

Can you see all the little lemons?

This one is the biggest.
This is the next raised bed in our Garden. It measures 4x4. Right now we have growing in this bed some cherry, orange banana and marglobe tomatoes. We planted these tomatoes last September from seeds and they haven't stop producing since then.

These are the cherry tomatoes

These are white wonders

We love being able to grow enough tomatoes to eat fresh, share, and to can.


Ann@His Grace To Me said...

I planted 4 more tomato plants today (20 plants total), I'm so looking forward to fresh tomatoes! Can you grow them year-round?

mama said...

We can grow veggies almost year roud. The only months that are limilted are June, July and August.

travisandreba said...

I am so impressed. I know that takes a lot of work and you have inspired me to really try it once we get a house. I know that Zion would love it and things taste so much better from your own garden dont they!

daniele @ domestic serenity said...

I enjoy that type of lemons!! Wish we could grow some. All looks great.

mama said...

Reba, I can't wait to see what your garden will look like.

Daniele, I have never tasted a mayer lemon before. I hear that it taste like a cross between a lime and an orange,