Thursday, April 23, 2009

Garden Update Part 1

Let's start with this Beautiful rose. This is a flower from 1 of 5 outstanding roses growing in pots in our yard.

This is 1 of our raised beds. It measures 4x8 and is so far our biggest bed. (I'm hoping that Papa will build me 2 more beds this size for my birthday this summer.)

In that raised bed we have a lot growing, but let's start with the Garlic. These garlic plants were started from bulbs that my mom brought from Haiti . They have been in the ground since Feb. 4th and are doing great. I don't know if they will actually produce any garlic bulbs but I can't wait to find out.

Next to the garlics we have onions. Theses onions were started from sets that I purchased from Walmart and have been in the ground since Jan. 31st.
Next to the onions we are growing 2 varieties of beets . The beets were started from seeds on Jan.15 and transplanted a month later to their current spacings. This variety is Detroit Dark Red, Medium Top.

This variety is called Cylindra.

In this bed we are also growing Georgia Collards . They were started from seeds on Jan.15 and very yummy. We have 11 collard plants so far.

The next raised bed we have measures 4x4 and used to be our carrot bed. We grew and ate over 65 carrots this past winter.
Right now this bed is home to 3 varieties of potatoes. This is our 1st time getting potatoes to sprout for us. The potatoes were store bought fingerling, red and blue varieties. I can't wait to see if these produce anything.

In that same bed we have some bunching onions.
And lots of parsley

Well, that's it for Part one I will be back with part 2 real soon.
How's your garden going so far?


Quiskaeya said...

Lovely! You know I'm crazy about your garden. In that 65 carrots eaten does that include the approx 5-7 we devoured! Yummy. :) How does my garden grow? Not yet, but I'm hoping very soon.

mama said...

I'm looking forward to coming over and planting some things on your patio soon.

Ann@His Grace To Me said...

Awww! when are you coming to Texas to help me plant? I'm planting beets for the second time because the first batch didn't come up! Those beds look too fabulous!

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

These beds are just beautiful! I have high hopes of planting a small garden this summer and want to use the square foot method.

mama said...

Becca, we've tried other ways of gardening but in our part of Florida nothing thrives in sandy, nemotade infected, no nutrient soul. So raised beds is the way to go. The square foot method is great because it is very easy.

Ann, I would love to come to Texas one of these days. Beets are my second favorite veggies to grow. I try to always have some in the ground. We love them boiled or roasted. I even make beet Kvass some times.
Oh my #1 veggies to grow and eat fresh are super sugar snap peas, yum.