Saturday, May 2, 2009

Garden Update Part 3

Here we go again. It took me a week but we are at the end of our Garden tour for now. This time let us start with the next 4x4 bed. This bed was all planted in late January from seeds.

We have growing in this bed beets both Detroit Red and the long cylinder kind.
We also have 3 different kinds of carrots

and lots of colorful mixed lettuce
Moving on to the side of the house we have some experimental potatoes growing.

Here is a close up of those potato plants. They are getting ready to start flowering soon.

We have a bunch of pots and containers laying around ready to be used this fall. In this set of car tires we are growing my girls favorite little treat, ENGLISH PEAS. The girls love to eat these fresh, they are so sweet.

Here is a close up of our peas.
We also have super sugar snap peas growing out of a container.

Here is a close up of the sugar snap peas. I love, love, love these peas.

some other things we have growing out of containers are mixed lettuce

and different kinds of herbs.

This is dill getting ready to go to seed

this is green onions going to seeds

That is all for now. I hope you enjoyed this tour of our garden. Now you are next. What's growing in your yard?


Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

I'm going to show these pictures to my husband so he can see what can be grown in even small containers! Everything looks so yummy!

mama said...

Growing out of containers is very easy, It just requires a little more watering.

Ann@His Grace To Me said...

I want to try growing potatoes. Are they hard to grow? How do they do in the summer heat?

mama said...

I have no info on potatoes. This is my first time trying and I don't even know if they will work.

Quiskaeya said...

Mama looks so goooood!!! I got my seed. Or should I say Lil Man picked out the seeds for me. He choose, yellow squash, carrots (tribute to baby girl) and green peppers. He wanted to get tomatoes but I heard on 89.9 WRMB (Moody radio) that it's not a good time to grow tomatoes. At least not the big ones. Maybe the small grape or cherry tomatoes might be a go. What do you think?

Anyway, I still need to get the soil and the containers. Definitely I need your "green" hands to come play in the dirty with me!

mama said...

You are right Anna, This is not the time to start new tomato plants, But it's always fun to try and see what happens.

Oh, I'm more than ready and waiting for you call.