Saturday, July 19, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

We are only 2 weeks into this school year and already things are getting heavy. So far we are on schedule and very busy.
I have been working really hard putting together the group study for our co-op. We are going to be studying Psalm 23. During this study we will be focusing on the relationship between a shepherd and his sheep, the needs of a sheep and the provisions provided by the shepherd. We will learn about the ultimate Good Shepherd and why it is that we are so glad to be His sheep.
We have gotten a lot of work done so far. Everyone has been giving it their all.
  • Little Man is doing great. I can't believe how well he reads. He has completed a review of addition facts 0-9 and has also completed lessons 1 and 2 in his Math U See Beta. He will be starting lesson 3 on Tuesday. As expected he is really enjoying his copy work assignments. Other than that he is reading everything he can get his hands and constantly telling about all the cool things he has discovered in his many, many books
  • Little Mama is also doing magnificently well. She is writing so much better than last year. She has completed lessons 1 and 2 in her Math U See Alpha book. So far she has completed the reviews for the Short Vowel "a,e, i and o" words Next week she will start reviewing the Short vowel "u" words. Her confidence level is growing with each assignment that she completes. I just love watching her discover her love for learning.
  • Baby Girl has been doing her own thing lately. She is determined to learn to read just like her siblings. She is doing well with her letters and is almost ready to move forward. Right now she is a little stuck on the short vowel sound of "i".(she confuses i and y all the time)

Other than the 3 "Rs" we are also having a good time with our character study. All this month we are learning about being "Attentive". So far we've covered the definition of "attentive" (which is to listen with our eyes, ears and heart). We've gone into the Bible and looked at some examples of people being attentive and what the results were (Mark 10:46-52 and 1Samuel 3:1-14). We are really learning a lot about how paying attention when someone is speaking to us is a way of showing respect and honor. We have also been working really hard at memorizing our verse for the month which is Proverbs 4:20, 21.

Next week we will be using our Character trait of attentiveness to create some interesting concoctions.

As you can see we have been really busy around here lately. I will try to keep you all updated on all the fun happenings . Until next time, bye.


ohhollyf said...

Hi there, i'm gonna use the MathUSee, too. Any hints will help???
Glad you've had a great start.
May Jesus bless your family, Holly

Ann@His Grace To Me said...

Sounds like things are going well, praise the Lord!

mama said...

ohhollyf I would be glad to answer any questuins you have about Math U See. You can email me at ftlmom3atgmaildotcom.
Hi Ann thatnks for stopping by.

Ana said...

Great job Mama! Way to grow kiddos!