Thursday, July 31, 2008

2 Down and 1 to Go

Last Saturday our family took part in a Ten Commandment Walk offered by our church. We were not sure what a 10 Commandment walk was but it sounded like it would be a lot of fun and since we covered the 10 Commandments last year for co-op we thought that it would at least be a nice way to review it with the kids.
Like I said we really had no idea what we were getting our selves into. The event started at around 9 o'clock in the morning. When we first got there we were directed to the kids sanctuary area where we took a seat and waited with all the other families that were there. A guy dressed up like Moses took the stage and preceded to tell us the story of his people and how God has used him to get his people out of Egypt. After he told us the story he stated that this is where we are right now. We are the Israelites (God's chosen people) and we must make a decision right now wether to trust God and move forward or not. He told us that right now we were about to embark on a journey. Our destination is The Promised Land and our guide will be the Lord himself. He then called up his fellow men and introduced them as the tribe leaders to the 12 tribes. Each tribe leader had a banner identifying which tribe they were. We were instructed to walk and follow the leaders as we start our journey to The Promised Land.

We were very excited yet we still had no idea what was happening. We figured that we would be going into another part of the building where we would watch them perform parts of the 10 Commandments. But what happened next was amazing.
We all headed outside the building. We were led to the side of the building where Moses once again instucted us to trust in God as He leads us to The Promised Land.

So, there we were about to embark in an unknown journey. The Ark of the Covenant is being carried ahead of us as we follow Moses into the wilderness (our church's parking lot and fields).

(This is the Ark of the Covenant)

We walked in the hot Florida Sun for what seemed like Hours (but in reality it was only about 15 minutes)
We were tired, sweaty and hot but we kept telling the kids that this was fun and soon we will be going back in doors (little did we know). After walking what felt like miles we stopped underneath a canopy in the middle of the church yard where Moses took center stage to greet his People. He told us to take heart and be strong. He reminded us of God's goodness and mercy and showed us how God has provided water for us to drink in this hot dessert. (there was a watering station set up). Moses chose one of the tribe leaders to come up and speak to the crowd and to remind us of the first 2 commandments.

(Moses talking to the crowd)

After that Moses encouraged us to stay Strong and to stop complaining about the heat. He remind us to think of how the Israelites must of felt as they walked through the dessert.
Then we continued on our walk and we circled the parking lot and headed to the skate ramp building where another tribe leader spoke and reminded us of the next 2 commandments. Once again God provided water for us to drink.
Our walk continued for what seemed like forever as we left one building and circled the field as well as the parking lot many, many times. We as a people were hot and hungry and tired. We were not able to see any true sign of The Promised Land and we were starting to lose hope. Moses as our leader kept us moving forward.

(Little Man helping the leader of the tribe of Joseph carry his banner.)

Finally, we, after what seems like hours of walking through the hot dessert, were headed back inside the church. This time we went into the Gym which was nicely air conditioned. There we had a little time of worship and refocusing. Moses addressed the crowd once again and encouraged us to keep our eyes on the Lord and His promises.

Another tribe leader came before us and presented the remaining commandments. We made one more stop to yet another room then Moses lead us back outside and into The Promised Land (our church theater). We were so happy to have made it and boy was the Promised Land just what God had Promised. (It was huge and Beautiful and cold.)

Once into The Promised Land Moses greeted the crowd one last time. he praised us for sticking to it and making it through the dessert. He then introduced us to Saul who took the stage and gave us his testimony.

(Saul giving his testimony followed by an alter call)
After Saul, now Paul gave his testimony he invited the kids and the families to make the decision that day to serve Jesus, just like he did. While he was talking my little man was also talking but not to me, to his little sister. He was telling Little Mama that Paul was asking her if she wanted to choose this day to invite Jesus into her heart. She Looked at Papa and I and asked "Can I do that now?" But before we could answer our Little man was reaching his hand out at her. She asked him to go up with her and he did. Papa and I sat there and watched as our oldest child held his sister's hand and led her to the front where she prayed the prayer of salvation.

(my baby saying the prayer)
We were so blessed by this event. It was hard to stay focused on God when we were going through the harsh times, but in the end it was so worth it.
My baby girl is a Christian, and my heart could not be any fuller. As a mom I have prayed for these moments for so long. I look forward to the day when the 2 of them will be able to take our youngest by the hand and say, we'll go up there with you if you want us to.
Praise the Lord for he is so good.


Ann@His Grace To Me said...

How beautiful, I have tears in my eyes from this wonderful post! What a true blessing that God led your family to attend this event with such a blessed ending!

mama said...
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mama said...

Ann I probably would not have gone if I knew that we would be in the sun for 3 hours, But I am sure glad we did go.

:)De said...

Wow Wow Wow! Praise God! I too have tears. Tell our new little sister that we welcome her!

Samantha said...

Wow! What a wonderful experience. Thank you for sharing this! Even though it's already been several months now, I'm so happy for "Little Mama." (-: