Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Having Fun and Riding Horses

Just wanted to stop by and show some pics of our day at the park last week. This was our very first time riding horses and we had a lot of fun. We practiced using our character trait for the month of July (Attentive). The kids did great and I was such a proud mama.

Baby Girl riding Happy the horse.

Little Man and Little Mama petting a miniature horse

Little Man beaming while riding his horse

Little Mama really concentrating and being very attentive.

We really did have a lot of fun with the horses. It was a very hot day, but we didn't let the heat stop us from having fun. This is sure to be something that we will do again.


Ann@His Grace To Me said...

Your son's smile tells it all- fun!

mama said...

He was the most nervous about this event and in the end I think he had the most fun.

Ana said...

What a fun-filled day! I have always been afraid of horses, but I think they are some of the most graceful creatures.