Friday, January 11, 2008

The Week In Review

This week was a busy one, we started the week with our study on healthy teeth. So far we've covered molars, incisors, and canines. We learned about the different parts of the teeth, what they are called and their functions. We learned about the proper way to brush and why, we visited the dentist and learned what plaque and cavities are. Next week we will start putting together our lapbook as well as talking about nutrition and what role it plays in keeping our teeth healthy.
Other than that everyone has been working hard in reading writing and math. Little man has completed his minus 8 subtraction facts and will be moving onto subtracting doubles next week.
Little mama is very excited about finally getting to do subtractions. She is moving right along.
Baby girl figure out what a circle is and is now finding circles everywhere she goes. She is also getting very good at identifying the color red.

In other news I will soon be posting about our trip to the dentist and other fun happenings. Today is our Grandma J's 81st birthday. We will be baking her the traditional Pepsi cola cake ( traditional because we bake her one for every birthday) and making her some handmade cards. I'm really looking forward to seeing her tonight.
I hope everyone will get out and enjoy their Friday. Until next time bye.

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