Thursday, January 10, 2008

Getting ready for the spring garden

We are getting ready for our spring garden. So far the only things that produced from our garden last year were green peas, one bell pepper, a bunch of basil and parsley. Right now growing in the garden are 2 Roma tomato plants, 2 bushels of parsley, about 10 seedlings of beets, about 5 carrots, 6 papaya seedlings and a dying butternut squash vine.
The Haitian green pea bush is almost done for the season, today I started 7 more seedlings so maybe this time next year I will have enough peas to share and freeze. I also started some cherry and big boy tomato seeds, along with some lettuce, collard greens, more carrots,and butternut squash Hopefully something will grow and we can have some tasty veggies this summer.
As soon as everything sprouts I will evaluate the garden and see if we have space for anything else. I'm still hoping on being able to start a strawberry bed and a melon bed. The kids would just love the opportunity to watch a melon grow. Maybe later next week I will post some pictures of our veggie garden for you to see.
Until then, Happy planting.

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