Monday, January 21, 2008

A Monday In The Life Of.......

Monday starts usually around 8 o'clock in the morning. The kids are just starting to wiggle in their beds.

I get up, clean myself of and set the kids up with their toothbrushes. Then I go over and wake them up. While they are in the bathroom taking care of morning business I go and take a look at the schedule for today ( I have a month to month chore schedule as well as a month to month menu) I make mental notes of today's to do list and head to the kitchen to start my day.

This is what is waiting for me from the night before. I clean the kitchen, which takes me about 20 minutes then I proceed to fix breakfast for everyone. Today it is peaches and cream oatmeal. (yes we eat oatmeal and it is yummy).

While breakfast is cooling I make my way to the family room to set up the laundry. I usually have anywhere from3 to 5 loads to do every Monday. I get my 1st load in the washer and then go to check up on the kids and call them for breakfast.

By now it is 9 o'clock and time to wake up papa. ( he loves to sleep and will not wake up earlier than 9 o'clock). Papa gets up and starts to get himself ready for work. By 10 o'clock Papa takes his breakfast to go and kisses us goodbye for the day as he heads out the door and off to work.

The kids and I clean up after breakfast and I go to the kitchen to start the prep for lunch and dinner. By noon Lunch is done and dinner is almost done and the kids are playing in the living room. So far I've done 3 loads of laundry and I have my last load in the machine washing.

The time is now 1 o'clock in the afternoon and I just got baby girl down for her nap. While she naps I take some time out to play with the other two. We play a couple of games, read a book or two and work on our lapbooks. We have lunch and then we settle down and watch some much needed TV.

The baby wakes up about about 2:30 and I feed her lunch and spend some quite time nursing her and snuggling. When she is done with me she goes and joined her sibling in their room and plays for a while.

The day is winding down so we all put on our shoes and head outside for some fresh air. While the kids play on their swing set I gather up all the clothes from the line and bring them in the house.

Evening is here and Everyone is starting to get really tired, so I gather up the kids and bathe them. Then we sit down for dinner and eat. After dinner I start to clean up the kitchen and dinning room as the kids go and tackle the living and family room. We meet up in their bedroom and clean that up and then cuddle together on the rug and read a bedtime story as we wait for papa to get home from work.

At around 8:15 papa comes home and he is greeted by the kids and I. He heads to the bedroom to put his shoes away and then joins the kids in their room and read to them from their bible. He then prays with them and tucks the older 2 into bed for the night.

Papa then goes in the bathroom to bathe will Baby girl and I set him up some food for him to eat. He eats his dinner and then comes in the bedroom and helps me put the rest of the clean laundry away.

By 10:o'clock papa has successfully put the baby to bed and we go into the office together. He works at his desk a little, checking emails and paying bills while I do the same at my desk. 30 minutes later we call it quits and head to bed where we sit up and talk and watch TV for about 30 more minutes before we kiss goodnight and fall asleep.

That is a typical Monday in the life of us.
Have a wonderful Monday.

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