Friday, January 18, 2008

Funny Moments

Well, life with 3 kids can be a lot of things. Sometimes its hard but other times like this afternoon it can really cause me to spontaneously laugh out loud.
This is what happened. I was in the office checking out some things on my computer when Little mama comes in the room holding a piece of pink yarn in her hands. She shows me the yarn and says. "look mama the baby took this out of our bible." I looked at her confused and asked " Why was that in the bible?" She then goes on to explain that papa was using the yarn as a bookmark to hold his place.( papa reads to them from their bible every night before bed). Well I tried to assure her that Papa will be able to figure out where he left of and that everything will be OK, that's when Little man comes in the room and says "don't worry I know where papa was reading, he was reading in the New Intestines".
I really did try not to bust out laughing but I couldn't hold it in.............
The kids both looked at me confused. They did not know why I was laughing so hard.
What would you do? The boy just called the New Testament - the New intestines.
I love moments like this. Sometimes nothing feels better then an old fashion belly laugh.
I hope you will take some time out today and just laugh out loud.

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