Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shaving Cream Anyone?

This is how my kids relieve stress. When the older 2 were younger I used to use Reddi Whip ( the whip cream in the can). I had to use that because they would put everything in their mouths.

What they are actually doing is painting with shaving cream. This activity is not only soothing (try it sometimes I promise you will get carried away), But it also helps strengthen fine motor skills.

There is something very relaxing about squeezing cream between you fingers and spreading it all over the dinning room table that just makes everything better.

The girls had a blast doing this. They always ask to play with shaving cream at least twice a week. For me it is a great way to get some time alone with Little Man for school work while his sisters are busy doing something else. I can't tell how much help a bottle of $0.89 cents shaving cream is to this homeschooling mama of 3.

Try this one day and don't worry about the mess. The shaving cream wipes of easily and leaves the dinning room table shinny and smelling good.

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Becca said...

Hi, I found your site through His Grace to Me. I enjoyed seeing your kiddos playing with the shaving cream. I've done this with mine too and they have a ball! I haven't brought it out in a while and we're expecting bad weather tomorrow so it will be a good day to let them play in it again! I'd not thought of reddi whip but that's a fantastic idea. I'll pass that along to friends with little ones.