Sunday, October 9, 2011


We are always trying to find new ways to save money on food. These are just 5 ways that we have found that really works for us.

We buy things when they are on sale and use coupons as much as possible. Around here we have Publix Supermarkets. They have great “buy one get one” sales each week.

 We try to stock up on products during those times and match those sales up with coupons to save  even more money. Some things that we are always on the lookout for are butter, cheese, frozen veggies, paper goods and  dry pasta.

We buy as much of our raw materials as possible in bulk. Things we buy in bulk are things that we know we use a lot of. Buying in bulk helps us to get quality goods at reasonable prices. Things such as oils, rice, beans, sugar, seasonings and spices, yeast, whole grains, wheat and so much more.

We are not members of any of the populer buying clubs such as Cosco, BJ and Sams. We have found that we can save money without  being members of those types of clubs. Besides, they don’t have  the products that we use and buy the most, such as Organic unrefined coconut oil, Palm shortening, organic oats and whole wheat berries. We are able to get a lot of our "raw" materials from places like tropical traditions , bread beckers co-op , and  amerorganic . 
Menu planning is very important at our house. We only have 4 different menus that I rotate every 3 months. The menus are pretty simple and straight forward.

I Plan breakfasts, lunchs and dinners for a whole year, one season at a time. Most of the meals are prepared and frozen ahead of time each month. At the end of each month we go grocery shopping and start all over again, baking prepping and cooking for the next months meals.
We grow most of our organic fruits and vegetables at home in our garden. Living in the sunshine state we are able to grow a full garden year round. We grow everything from herbs to watermelons in our small backyard garden. At harvest time we eat what we can and preserve the rest by freezing or canning.

We started gardening 8 years ago and each year we expand ou efforts to grow even more of our own food. We also barter and trade garden goods with other gardeners in our community. Gardening allows us to feed our family safe organic foods without the high prices.
We make a lot of meals we eat from scratch. I love to cook and bake and so does everyone in our house. Food preparation is very much a family affair. We come together to make big batches of food to"feed the freezer" each month. We make everything from cookies to yogurt from scratch. 

My guys eat a lot. And I love to feed them good wholesome foods that not only taste wonderful but is also good for them. Papa is also very good in the kitchen. When it comes to sweets and treats nobody makes them better than my sweetheart. There are always some yummy cookies in the freezer, and special occasions are made that much more special with Papa in charge of deserts.
I hope that this has somehow helped you or at  least give you a great idea of where to start.

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