Monday, September 21, 2009

Making Baby Preparations

There is something absolutely exciting about preparing for a new baby. There has been a lot of excitement around here this past couple of weeks.
Our baby is due in less then 4 weeks and we are just
getting around to packing our traveling bags. I would like some advise about
what to pack for the baby as well as the rest of us.
Everyone is going along for pick up . all 5 of us, so we have to pack for 3
kids, 2 adults and 1 new born.
So far For the baby I have packed
a hand full of diapers,
some wipes,
2 receiving blankets,
3 burp clothes
1 hooded towel
3 wash cloths
2 pairs of socks
3 hats
2 sleepers
1 going home outfit
5 onsies
2 little pants
nursing pillow
2 slings
car seat and
couple bottles of frozen breast milk
We will only be away from home for 2 days.
Will this be enough for those 2 days
or do I need to pack more?
I am only half way done with packing for everyone else.
It's been a while since we've brought a new born home from the hospital. I'm really not sure if I'm bringing to much or not enough.
What do you think?


Ann@His Grace To Me said...

I can just imagine the excitement level at your house! How wonderful!

Mike and Katie said...

That sounds about right! I can't wait to read more of your story! Thanks for stopping by my blog!