Sunday, September 13, 2009


As promised, I am back to give you guys a little more info about our journey towards adoption.
I've always been drawn to adoption ever since I adopted my first cabbage patch doll at the age of 13. But, it was after the dramatic birth of my youngest that I really started to think about possibly adopting a child for real.
All of my kids were born via C-section. With any c-section there is a small chance that a women can experience a uterine rupture or a tear on her uterus with her next pregnancy. Well, I am one of those women that experienced that. During my labor with Baby Girl my uterus wall started to tear or seperate. I was rushed to the hospital where they performed an emergency c-section and safely delivered my sweet baby girl. The realization that I came so close to losing my life and possible the life of my baby was so real. Later on, the doctor and my midwife spoke honestly to my hubby and I and explained to us the possible dangers that exist if we were to try to have any more children. We were very sadden by the news but we also knew that God was in control and that If He wanted our family to keep growing, He would make a way.
Fast forward to the summer of last year. I started talking with Papa about how sad I was feeling that we would not be able to have another baby. I shared with him this desire that I feel to have another little one. We started to talk more and more about it and how to best go about it. It was around that time that our pastor began to share with the church his heart for orphans and foster care. We also had some real good friends of ours that just finished their paperwork to become "foster to adopt" parents. We decided to look further into foster care and see if it would work out for our family.
January 2009 came and we were still trying to work out the details to get things rolling to become foster parents. We spoke to many different agencies and they all were telling us that they didn't think that fostering would be a good match for our family. We were starting to feel very discouraged. We then decided to forget about it all and focus on something else.
Spring arrived and with it came a new outlook on things. Papa and I decided to look into domestic, private adoption and felt lead to a very special local agency. We contacted the agency and began the process of filling out paper work which lasted a little over 3 months.
Now we are done with all the paper work, home visits and have been matched.
We don't really know how things will play out next, all we do know is that God has a plan for us and it's all good.
So That's whats been going on around here all summer. What do you think? Did you see this coming, or was it a surprise to you too?


Ann@His Grace To Me said...

I think the Lord is leading you through a challenge to an amazing blessing! I'm so very happy for your entire family!

travisandreba said...

So excited for you all! We love and miss you guys.

travisandreba said...

I am due Jan. 5. When is your baby coming? (-:

mama said...

Our is due middle of Next month. How exciting..

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

I look forward to reading more about your journey. It all seems like the Lord is leading!

daniele @ domestic serenity said...

WOW!! How very exciting! I will continue to pray for your family, thanks for sharing this news.