Friday, January 16, 2009

Can You Say Tomato?

My garden is doing great. we are up to our ears in wonderful ripe home grown tomatoes every day. There are at least five different kinds of tomatoes growing in the garden so far.
We have two "White Wonder" tomatoes growing in a home made "self watering" container. These tomatoes can grow up to a pound and are very good sliced in a salad, made into salsa or even into a white tomato sauce.I am definately going to be growing them again this spring.

We have another heirloom tomato called "Marglobe". These are round, red and very delicious. Not too big yet not too small either.

Then we have a yellow tomato called "Golden Jubilee". This tomato is round and when ripe is an Orange-yellow color. It is very pretty and so good and mild tasting.
(it's the big one to your left)

(You can see it even better in this picture)
The little tomatoes in the background of the above photos are red cherries. Theses are a house favorite. We currently are growing about 7 plants of these. The kids love it in salads and my Grandma J eats them like candy. Papa likes to munch on them while we work in the garden. He calls them his energy boosters. They are so cute and fun to grow.The other yellow/orange tomato in the photo above is a very pretty and interesting tomato called (Orange Banana Tomato). This tomato is not only very pretty, but when sliced open it even resembles the inside of an orange. (I' ll try to take a picture of it's insides soon)
(The Orange Banana tomatoes are the two bigger ones)
Other than tomatoes, the garden is buzzing with activity. We have been eating and enjoying lots of mixed salad greens, sweet English peas, pigeon peas, and lots of fresh herbs. Soon the cucumbers and carrots will be ready to join in the party.
Do you garden? If so what's growing in your neck of the woods this time of year?


Quiskaeya said...

Oh how I love tomatoes! Especially to make a salsa or nice fresh pasta sauce. Yummo. Those tomatoes look so juicy and plum too. I wish I was gardening right now. But apart from a few fresh herbs, nothing. I just don't have the time now that I work. God will I will be able to take that back up later in the year on my porch garden.

You were asking about homeschooling. I would love to homeschool Lil Man. I had actually researched into it last year when I was a stay at home mother. His father was against it, so I had to give in. I do work with him a lot at home because the school's curriculum is just not challenging enough for him.

mama said...

You are officially invited over to pick some fresh tomatoes.
Homeschooling is not very easy for most people to understand unless they know someone that does it. Give it some time and expose little Man's Dad to others that homeschool and I'm sure he will change his mind once he sees how much his son could benifit from it. Let me know if you need anything that would help you further help your lil Man.

Ann@His Grace To Me said...

Oh those tomatoes look so good! I can't wait for summer when we can have homegrown tomatoes again!

Daniele said...

Oh, I have to fight against jealousy! just kidding...those tomatoes look absolutely wonderful. Can't wait until the time for homegrown ones around here.

info said...

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