Monday, December 1, 2008

A Look Ahead (December 2008)

Can you believe it? December is here already. This is my all time most favorite month of the year. We have a lot planned for this month so here it goes...
We are going to take a break on our character studies this month and instead wrap up our study on "The Good Shepherd, Psalm 23". Other than that we will celebrating Little Mama's Birthday, Christmas and a very special visit from my Mom.
This is what we have planned for school this month.

Reading- Progressive Phonics and Easy Readers
Little Man – Book 11, Read out loud daily
Little Mama – Book 6 as well as reviews of short vowel sounds, read out loud daily
Baby Girl - review letters T,U,V (upper case)
Daily readings from the bible as we prepare our hearts for the celebration of the Lord's Birth

Math - Math U See
Little Man - Beta Lessons 15-17
Little Mama - Alpha Lessons 12 and 13 , continue working on Addition lapbook from
Baby Girl – Number Review, color Review, shape Review

Handwriting and Copy work
• Little Man
- Copy memory verse as well as daily dictations
Little Mama - Review Upper and Lower Case Letter
• Finish creating greeting cards for friends and family
We will wrap up our Shepherd Study notebook

Science And Other Hands-on Activities
• In the kitchen with Mama
• Create cards for this month
• Finish off our Psalm 23 shepherd study
• Enjoy having Grandma Meme home and getting to know her.

Well that's what we have planned for this month.
What are you doing and how is the school year going so far? Until next time bye...

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