Sunday, June 29, 2008

Creating Your Own Curriculum

As you probably already know we do not purchase a prepackaged curriculum, instead I choose to make my own based on the kid's interest and my goals for them. I will be sharing with you guys the process that I go through when putting together our curriculum.
For this school year Little Man will be in the 2nd grade, Little Mama will be in the 1st grade and Baby girl will just be, well, doing her own thing as usual. We have a total of $150 to work with(that's $50 per kid) and will include field trips, books, arts and craft stuff as well as all the materials for the whole school year. I usually will spend that money little by little throughout the school year as needed. The county library, the resource library, our garden, our kitchen, the Internet, and the family bible will be the source for most of our materials. I have several compete lapbooks and unit studies available to me, all were free and I collected them throughout the year from web sites such as
and the other's listed on my side bar under "homeschooling freebies".
  • The 1st thing I do when trying to create a curriculum for my kids is to stop and pray (together as a family) about what the Lord wants to teach us. We pray for guidance, excitement and passion. We pray that the lord would reveal to us what He wants us as a family to tackle and what He wants me to focus on with the kids. This process can take anywhere from a few days to sometimes weeks before It become clear about where God is leading us.
Once the Lord reveals our destination, then the real fun of figuring out our path(or our method of getting to our destination) begins.
This week I will be sharing with you our goals for this school year as well as all the fun things we will be doing. So, stay tune for this series (my 1st series) that I am calling "Creating Your Own Curriculum 101".
Do you put together your own curriculum? What process do you go through? How is everything going for you so far? I love hearing about how things work out in other people's home. There are so many different ways to homeschool. Tell me about you homeschool.
until later, bye.


Ana said...

You really have this homeschooling stuff down! That's awesome.

mama said...

For me Homeschooling has become a lifestyle. I am always praying for teachable moments. My kids's walk with the Lord comes 1st, everything else will fall into place.
How are you Ana, Is everyone over their sicky days? Thanks for the email's. It was really nice chating with you. I hope to do that again soon.