Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What We're All Up To

It's been really busy around here lately. We are in the final 4 weeks of schooling for this term. I am already knee deep into planing for next school year. This is always the time of year when I start to get a little burnt out.
Little Man has about 2 more math lessons to complete and a hand full of pages from his Progressive Readers. We have done everything else and we should be ready for evaluation very soon.
Little Mama will not be evaluated this year but she will go through the process with her brother just to see what it's all about. Plus she did so much work this year, I'm sure she wants to show it all off. She is reading so well now. We are just a couple of pages short of completing her Reading Objectives for this school year. She has almost mastered handwriting. It's hard to believe that less than a year ago she could hardly hold a pencil correctly.
Baby Girl as usual is surprising everyone with how quickly she is learning. At just barely 2 years old she can count to 25, sing her ABC's and can recognize 15 out of 26 letters. (she is such an over achiever)
As for me I am keeping busy as usual. I have been working diligently on revising our family's finances and managing our home. I've been planing for next school year as well as planing for this summers activities. I have been making plans to expand my blogging to include tips on frugal living as well as homeschooling on a tight budget.
In the upcoming days and weeks I will start to post on some new and exciting topics such as :
  • how to put together a budget
  • tips to lowering your family's expenses
  • how to fit homeschooling into an already tight budget
  • and so much more.

So stick around, (you'll just have to wait and see what we,ll be doing next)....


Andrea said...

OK - I need some tips on teaching numbers and letters (and patience, the Lord's teaching me all about that one). Your beautiful daughter must be a little genius in the making :-)

Ann said...

This is the time of year to get worn out, but we're chugging along, trying to finish by the end of May. We are all looking forward to a short break!

I'm looking forward to your money-saving posts!

mama said...

Andrea I am working on getting you a list of possible resouces that you can use.Since you are so much more experience than I am when it comes to frugal living I can use any advice you have for me.

mama said...

Ann, thank you again for all those beautiful pictures of the frog and your garden. We love reading your blog.