Sunday, December 30, 2007

Jesse Tree

This year for Christmas we made and learned about a Jesse tree.

A Jesse tree is an Advent custom that uses stories to help children develop a stronger sense of who Jesus Christ is and who the people and events were that "Guided" the way to His birth.

The name Jesse comes from King David's Father, Jesse. The Jesse Tree itself represents the Family tree of Jesus Christ as suggested by the prophet's words In Isaiah 11:1 (" There shall come forth a shoot from the root of Jesse.").

Using a Jesse Tree involves reading a daily devotional each day about a member of Jesus' Family tree or an event leading to his coming and making an ornament to represent that person or event. We used the devotional from this site

and the ornaments to go along with it on this site .

We started on the first day of Advent which was December 2. We learned a lot and Had a lot of fun doing this. This is sure to be something that we will do every year. Above is a picture of our completed Jesse tree.

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