Monday, December 31, 2007

Dental health unit study

Today we started a new unit study. Our new topic is "dental health". I'm planning to turn this unit study into a lapbook about teeth and healthy eating.So far we got a lot accomplished .
  • We watched a short 10 minute video entitled "Please take care of your teeth". We checked out this video from the resource library. We get to borrow it for 2 weeks.
  • We read 2 books about the dentist and how they help us take care of our teeth.
  • We looked in each other's mouths and counted how many teeth we had.
  • We played with a pair of rubber teeth and Identified and discussed which teeth are the molars and what they are used for.
  • We then looked in each other's mouths again and counted our molars.
Today was a busy day filled with lots of learning and discovery.
Other than that It was your typical Monday, chores, chores and more chores. A mother's work is never done.

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