Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A New Homeschooling Year Begins 2011-2012

Wow, I cannot believe it is that time already. The summer just seemed to fly by. Our new school year started this past Monday August 1st. The kids could not be more pleased. They kept pushing me to start the schooling again. They have all these ideas of what they want to learn this new school year. Little Man wants to learn to type, Little mama cannot wait to start learning cursive and Baby Girl was starting to miss doing math with me at the computer. My kids are something else. I had to give them a "start date" so that they would back off a little. So this was it. They love being back on a routine, but, I really needed the break.

Life with 4 kiddos and a dog is very busy and it's about to get a lot  busier real soon. We have a lot of things plan for this school year. I can't wait to share all of it with you guys. But until then here are some pick from our 1st week of school.


Amber Rose said...

awe looks like fun! Was it hard getting started, when you first began homeschooling?

mama said...

Amber you are your child's first teacher. You will sing to them constantly and talk to them about the world from the moment that you find out you are expecting. That way of life continues and before you know it you guys are counting out loud together and sorting toy cars into colors. Teaching you children becomes a way of life.
It will not be hard at all, it will be very natural.
You are so precious, you will be a wonderful mom.

Belinda said...

Thanks for stopping by a couple of days back. We are starting on Aug. 22--later than I like, but our oldest was in college on dual enrollment most of the summer, and I'm trying not to kill her. Also, it gave me the chance to listen in on this week's Heart of the Matter Online conference, and do any last minute implementation. Finally, I'm just now getting inspired to do something towards the new school year, so maybe I needed a late start! Blessings! How're your first few days going?

wholarmor said...

Looks like they are having a lot of fun their first week back! I'm trying to get my kids gradually back in the swing of things. They aren't excited about starting up school again, lol. Here's to a great year ahead!