Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let's play Catch up (Baby Boy's Edition)

Baby boy is now a running, jumping, climbing, talking and busy little boy. He is currently about 18 months old, has 8 teeth with at least 5 more threatening to pop out at any minute now. He loves to play hard and rough. He is such a joy to watch. He is so smart he blows my mind everyday. He loves to garden and help me cook. He loves to sing and dance. He can be very bossy and pushy at times but he is starting to learn what gentleness is. He is so loving and affectionate and adorable, We can't get enough of him. His favorite things to do now are all the big kid activities such as riding his tricycle, swinging on the big swing and going up and down the slide all by himself.
He is such the charmer. At 22 pounds he is finally getting too big for the girls to carry him around all the time, but they still try. They are always hugging and kissing him. He is as much their baby as he is Papa's and mine.

We are sooo proud to have this little guy in our life.


Erin J said...

He is darling.... looks like a go-getter! Thanks for the pics. :)

mama said...

My baby boy and your bean have a lot in common. I wish they could meet someday.