Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fourth Grade

Our little Man is in the fourth grade now. Wow, how time has fly. Last school year was very challenging and busy for him so I know this year will be an equally busy year.

This is what fourth grade will look like for Little Man:
MATH - We have been using Math U See from the beginning and it works for us. I love the way this program teaches math. Last year Little Man learned all his multiplication facts and started doing multiple digit multiplication in the "Gamma" workbook. This year our goal is for him to finish up Gamma and begin learning about division and working through the "Delta" workbook. He is well on his way towards finishing up with the "Gamma" workbook with only 6 more lessons to go. We supplement his math worksheets with lot of hands on math experiences as well as fun multiplication games from
SPELLING - This is a very new subject for us. We are taking things very slowly and using . Little Man loves playing the games. He has been cruising through the AVKO list of words.
HANDWRITING - Learning Cursive has been such a wonderful experience for Little Man. He has great penmanship. This school year he will be working his way through the "Cursive Success" book from He also has been working on keeping a journal/notebook. He loves to write and draw. Lately he has been creating what he says will be a short story. I love watching him as he works quietly on his short story. I just know that it will be great and I can't wait to read it.

MUSIC - Little Man has been playing the piano for almost 2 years now. In that time he has managed to work his way through 6 instruction books. His Piano teacher is very impressed with him and so are we. This summer he composed his first 2 pieces of music. We are working on posting them up real soon. Not only is he very talented and wonderful at playing the piano, he really loves it and wants to continue playing. What more can I ask for?

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oh my how your children have grown! It's really amazing to see. here is the bread rolls recipe whose picture was on my blog: