Friday, August 20, 2010


Our Baby Girl has started Kindergarten this year. It is such an exciting time for her. She has been waiting to officially start homeschooling for so long. This is a big step for her.

She is barely 4 1/2 years old but there is nothing that can stop her from schooling like the"big kids" this school year. She wants it all, and I am doing my best to comply to her demands but seriously, she's 4.

Baby Girl will join the "big kids" for subjects such as Bible, History and Science. I will be doing my best to include age appropriate materials for her to work on when things get a little too complicated. Other than that she will do what ever it is that she feels like being a part of (after all she's only 4).

As for the other subjects, this is what "kindergarten" will look like for Baby Girl this homeschool year:

Reading - Since Baby girl already knows her Letters, their sounds and how to blend letters and sounds together, we will just continue on this path. She will be working towards completing books 1-5 in the progressive phonics reading program. She will also work her way through a K-1 workbook from Walmart.

Handwriting - Last year Baby Girl completed the kindergarten handwriting book from Handwriting without tears and she did a great job on it too. She has excellent hand control and it shows in her penmanship. This year she will be working her way through their 1st grade "My Printing" book.

Math - Despite the fact that Baby Girl can count to 100 and knows all her colors, shapes and can even add simple numbers, I am NOT ready to start her on "Math U See" yet. Much to her disappointment I've decided to have her work her way through several math workbooks from Walmart instead. She is not very happy with my choice, but it will keep her busy til after the holidays, when I will reevaluate the situation and consider weather to start her on Math U See "alpha".

We also are going to be starting up again with our Music classes next month and Baby girl will be joining the "big kids" for Dance classes which are also starting up again this September. As you can see she will be very busy this school year. We are very proud of her strong work ethics and determination. I just wish she would slow down a little. She is growing up way too fast for me. She is still my Baby girl, even though she is in kindergarten now.

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