Wednesday, April 14, 2010

6 Months Old

I cannot believe that 6 months has already past since our precious baby boy was born. Our lives have changed so much since then. Where has the time gone?

Baby Boy is such a charmer. He knows how to get his way with everyone in this house. The girls cannot get enough of him. They love and kiss on him all day. They are constantly telling him how much they love him and how they waited so long for him. Little Man is really enjoying his baby brother. He loves to do things for him. He is so good at carrying the baby and is our go to guy when I need someone to go and get the baby and bring him to me. (He is going to be a great dad some day)

As for Baby Boy what can I say, he is growing up right before our eyes. At 6 months old he
  • babbles all the time even occasionally saying words like maaa and dadadada
  • constantly chewing at his fingers and toes.
  • able to reach for objects and hold on to and chew on them, he is also transferring objects between hands
  • opens mouth wide for food and enjoys eating and trying new foods
  • Can play a good game of peek a boo and hide and seek
  • Can drink from a straw
  • bears weight on legs and enjoys bouncing very much
  • loves his jumperoo
  • enjoys splashing water during bath times
  • Still nurses all the time and will let me know when it is that time by pulling on my clothes and saying Maaaaaa
  • Loves to be tickled by Papa
  • Can sit almost without support, hold a bottle and drink from a cup with help.
  • Knows his name
I almost can't believe that it's been 6 months. He is growing up so fast, pretty soon he will be crawling. I am sooooo blessed to be his mommy.

Happy half year birthday Baby Boy, we are so glad you are ours.


travisandreba said...

Oh my, so precious...he looks older even from when we saw him.

Ann@His Grace To Me said...

So sweet! It's wonderful how a baby can bring so much joy to a home.

Erin J said...

Where has the time gone? He is soooo beautiful!

Mike and Katie said...

Have you posted about inducing lactation for him? I was wondering if you used the newman-goldfarb protocol. How is your supply? Do you need to supplement, too.

He's really adorable and I love his little hair. I can't wait until Christiana's starts growing better.

mama said...

Hi Katie, I haven't posted yet about inducing lactation but I know I should. My supply is really good, I still need to supplement about 6-8oz a day usually at night when Daddy is feeding him. Other than that starting solids has helped a lot.