Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Update on Mom's Visa

Mom's interview yesterday went very well. She has been approved for a visa to come to the States and she is to report back to the consulate on the 18th to pick up her visa and other paperwork. My hope and prayer is for a her to have a safe trip to Florida next week.

Thank you so much to all who helped us by joining in prayer with us. I so appreciate you faith and prayers.
I'll post a picture of my mom as soon as she gets here. I can't wait. We are all so excited.


Ann@His Grace To Me said...

Yes, God is so good!!!

I've been waiting to hear the good news, and now that it is here, I can't help but cry in joy for your family. Give your mom a hug from me when she arrives next week. What a beautiful Christmas gift!

Homeschoolin' hot-rodders said...


Quiskaeya said...

I am soooooooo excited for your family. God is good ALL the time. ALL the time God is good.