Monday, December 29, 2008


My mom arrived on U.S. soil last Friday 12/19/08. The reunion was very emotional and very much over due. I've missed her so much. I am really enjoying the time that we are spending together now. There is just so much to talk about and do.
The kids love having their grandma Meme around. This was the first time that my mom and the kids would see each other face to face. They are absolutely in love with her and she with them. Our house has been filled with unexpected laughter this past week and I could not have asked for anything more.
We have also been harvesting a lot from the garden. We've been enjoying our homegrown pigeon peas, tomatoes, ginger, English peas, herbs and lettuce mix.
I'll leave you now with some pictures of fresh pigeon peas from the yard.


Quiskaeya said...

Blessings Abound. God is good. I am so happy to see that she has arrived. Your garden is growing just lovely.

I hope your Christmas was filled with lots of merriment. May the New Year be filled with many blessing. God bless.

travisandreba said...

How exciting! And congratulations on your fruitful garden. We miss you much.