Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What We're Up To...

It has been so busy around here lately. I've really missed blogging.
As you may have noticed things have changed around here. I love being able to change things around and play with the layout of my blog. It took me a while to figure out how I wanted this blog to look and the best way to organize things. So far I like how everything has turned out . There are still some changes in the works, but for now I am satisfied.

Everyone is doing great. The kids had a short little battle with the sniffles but all is well now.
A lot has been going on. Schooling is going right as planned and the kids have really been working hard.
  • Little man is doing multiple digit addition with regrouping now and I am so impressed.

  • Little Mama is reading up a storm and her handwriting has improved so much lately.

  • Baby Girl is doing her best to keep up with the others. Her latest mission has been to learn to read. This baby is serious. She puts letters together and sounds them out all day long. She gets very excited when she actually put a word together that her brother and sister can read. Most of the time she makes words such as "sut, cet and mit" but yesterday she did "dog" and after sounding it out and passing it by her siblings she realized that she actually made a real word. She is growing up so fast. I wish she would just slow down and just focus on being my two year old baby.

Other than that here are some pictures of the kids doing some school work.


Ann@His Grace To Me said...

I love your new pictures at the top, very nice! My two year old is trying to be grown too! I keep telling him to stop it, because he's my baby! :)

What a blessing it is to work with our children daily and see progress. Good job kids!

mama said...

Thanks Ann. It must be something about those two year olds. They want to grow up so fast and we just want them to stay little just for a little while longer.