Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Look Ahead (October 2008)

I've been very busy lately and I have not had the time to blog as often as I would like too. I've miss blogging so much. In the coming months I know it will only get busier but I will try to continue to blog as often as I can.
I have so much planned for this blog. My life has been changing so fast lately but it all for the better. God is molding me and I am loving the person that I am becoming. Keep me and my family in you prayers I just know that there are a lot of good things about to happen for us.
Well can you believe it is is October already. We are currently still on track with schooling this year and that is rare for us.
Here is how the month of October will look for us.

Character Trait Study for this month is Diligence
Diligence - working hard to accomplish a task

Memory Verse - Proverbs 22:29 "Do you see a man who excels in his work? He will stand before kings..."
We will re-read the story of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane
Read about the ant in Proverbs 6:6-8, and about Jacob in Genesis 29 and Romans 12:12

Reading- Progressive Phonics and Easy Readers
  • Little Man - continue working in book 10 (intermediate vowels), Read out loud daily
  • Little Mama - continue reading reviews of short vowel sounds, read out loud daily
  • Baby Girl - review letters Q, N, R, S (upper case)

Math - Math U See

  • Little Man - Beta Lessons 10-13, Finish his Money lapbook
  • Little Mama - Alpha Lessons 8 and 9 , continue working on Addition lapbook from
  • Baby Girl - Number 6, color orange and yellow, shape rectangle and heart

Handwriting and Copy work

  • Little Man - Copy memory verse as well as daily dictations
  • Little Mama - Review Upper and Lower Case Letter
  • work on an Ant Study

We will continue working on our Character Study notebook

Science And Other Hands-on Activities

  • In the kitchen with Mama
  • Create a piggy bank to go along with money lessons
  • Create lots of new things
  • Work diligently completing projects and getting gifts ready for the holidays
  • Possibly start on an Ant lapbook

Well that's what we have planned for this month.

What are you doing and how is the school year going so far? Until next time bye...

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Kris said...

Thank you for your comments on my blog. You have a beautiful family. I hope October is working out as you'd planned because it looks like you've got some great stuff lined up.

Have a great week!