Thursday, August 14, 2008

In The Works

Our house has been buzzing with activity lately. We have so much going on. So far everything is going well. The kids are doing great and keeping me busy. Here are some of what we are working on.
  • We are 2 verses into our Psalm 23 study. We've talked about the relationship between the shepherd and his sheep. We've discuss how a shepherd cares and provides for his sheep. How he knows everyone of his sheep by name and how his sheep know his voice. we have also begun to talk about Jesus being our "good" shepherd. Everything is moving so well with this study. God is so good and once again our family is just being so blessed by His word.
  • We are continuing with our character study and this month the character trait is "Faith". We are in the beginning stages of putting together our lapbook.
  • Little Mama has begun to do some work on her addition facts lapbook. So far we have learned the +0, and +1 facts.
  • We have been starting seeds and making plans for our fall garden. The kids are really excited and so am I. This weekend the guys will be building a new raised bed as well as filling it with soil. We've got big plans for the garden this fall.

Other than that we have my birthday coming up in a couple of weeks and Papa has been working some pretty long hours lately. Like I said we are very busy around here.

What about you? What are you and your crew up to?

until later bye...


Thehotrod5 said...

Great Blog! We are a homeschooling adoptive family of 3 Haitian children and I grew up in Fl :) I am looking forward to reading all your journeys!


ohhollyf said...

Oh busy bee, you did not tell me H.sing would be God's santification ! LOL
we are off to a good start, although i feel the bulk is just to be organized.
Happy Birthday to you .