Friday, March 28, 2008

Spot Light On The Baby Girl

This month has been a very busy month. We planted our Garden, made and out-lined our financial plans and goals, we completed yet another month of "schooling" and started to make the necessary plans for next school year, and most importantly this month we celebrated out youngest child's Birthday.
Yeap, that's right, Baby Girl is two years old now. I don't know how or when she grew up but in my mind it seems like just the other day I was looking at her in pure disbelief that we were once again blessed with the opportunity to welcome another newborn into our family.

My pregnancy with her was un-eventful. My labor and delivery was something I will never forget. She is indeed a very special child. We had a rough beginning (her and I). From the start I could see that she was not going to make things easy on me. We struggled for 5 days after her birth just to established a nursing relationship. After a lot of prayer, the help of a lactation instructor and a pediatric chiropractor and the efforts and encouragement of our dear friend and midwife, and after shedding too much tears (on both our parts) we did it. Buy the time she was one week old she was nursing beautifully and happy as can be. I was so relieved to know that now we knew why she was so unhappy and uncomfortable all the time.
Those that know her would probably agree that our Baby Girl is very special. She is not a shy baby at all. She is friendly and curious and always on the move. For a little person she is very smart. She talks very well for her age, as a matter of fact she has always been a good talker. Sometimes it seems as if she came out of the womb talking. She really is a great baby. She's a fast thinker and is willing to try almost anything at least once. She's not afraid of anyone, young or old, she pretty much will go to anyone.

I enjoy being a part of her world. I love the times that we spend together playing, laughing, talking ,nursing and just being silly. Her brother and sister get a kick out of her. They love her to death and I wouldn't have it any other way. I can't wait to see who she becomes. I know the Lord has great things plan for her. I just know that he is going to use all that wild energy for his Glory. I feel so honor to be her mom.

I love all my kids (like all moms do) and Birthdays are very special times for me. It's more than the presents, parties and cake. It's about looking back and remembering were we've been and how we got here. Baby Girl is growing up so fast (despite all my efforts). I pray that she will continue to grow and prosper. I pray that I will always have the chance to sit back and reflect on just who she is and how wonderful she is. She is my little Baby girl no matter how old she becomes.

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travisandreba said...

Happy Birthday from us!