Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Free Homeschool Resources

I am a planner, you know, one of those people that likes to make lists, set goals, plan.....I am about to enter into planning mode.
If you are a homeschooler than most likely you too are about to go into planning mode. This is the time of year when we homeschoolers start to plan for next school year. I am doing the final Lesson plans for the remainder of this school term. We have 10 weeks to go, then, we will take a short break before going into our summer term. (we pretty much school year round ).
One of my favorite websites to visit around this time of the year is Dori's site. On her web site you can find just about everything you need to homeschool for free using the web. She has everything from links to different sites with coloring pages as well as links to full online curriculums. Everything on her site is pretty easy to find, She organizes her links by grades. Her web site is .
I hope your keeping busy.....until next time.

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