Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Trip To The Zoo

We recently took a trip to the zoo with a group of some of our closest friends. We went there to celebrate our friend's 3rd birthday. The weather was nice and everyone had a nice time. We don't get to go to the zoo often because we don't really live near the zoo. But this trip was well worth the long ride to get there. This was Baby Girl's 1st time to the zoo so she really had a good time. My favorite part of that day was just watching all the kids' eyes as we moved from one exhibit to the next. It really doesn't take much to excite my little ones. Baby Girl loved the monkeys. She kept saying "Mama, I want to go play with them!!!"
Here are some of the highlights from our trip to the zoo.

The birthday boy is the one in blue

It's always nice to spend time with friends

My little ones holding a 7 foot snake

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